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Every a part of the neem – leaves, bark, fruit, seeds, oil, and roots – has been used medicinally for millennia in India. Neem also has exceptional value in cooking, especially the leaves. Here are the foremost common ways during which neem leaves are utilized in cooking today.

Neem tree is extremely big. neem plays a special role in purifying the atmosphere, because the neem leaves contain beneficial ingredients that destroy the bacteria. These antiseptic drugs are made thanks to Neem's disease-resistant forces. the traditional Aryan sages have said Neem with supernatural properties that Neem removes many sorts of diseases from the physical body . many folks have lived for several days by feeding neem leaves, whereas living their traditional lives by staying powerful also . within the summer, the shade of neem is kind of enjoyable.

  • Blood tumor (abscess): Rub Neem wood in water and apply it on an inch thick coating boil. The abscess ends

  • Dental diseases: Neem's dentis gives benefits in tooth diseases.Get rid of the decoctions made from Neem flowers 3 times in a day and get rid of the teeth and gums diseases by keeping the thin twig chewing and chewing on teeth in the morning and evening

  • Malaria fever: Soak 20 grams of Neem root bark and soak it in 160 milliliters of water. Boil it in the morning and make a decoction. Giving this decoction three times a day to malaria patients benefits Cure 50 grams of bark between the root of neem and boil it in 600 ml water for about 20 minutes and filter it. When the patient is suffering from malarial fever, feeding 40 to 60 ml 2 to 3 times before climbing fever will prevent fever (malaria).

  • Asthma (breathing): Applying 10 drops of neem oil on a pan, it provides relief in asthma and cough

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