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Black cardamom is {commonly} spoken because the Queen of Spices . whereas it's commonly used as a flavorer spice for several Indian dishes, it additionally contains sort of health benefits. in any case the oil, that's extracted from black cardamom seeds, is used for variety of health and wonder purposes. Black cardamom seeds stop heart condition . THe seeds also facilitate management viscus rhythm, which is useful because it maintains pressure while also reducing the incidence of blood clots.

Country of Origin India
Part Used Whole
Type Natural
Form Dry
Variety Of Cardamom Available Bold
Cardamom Size Available 6.5 mm
  • Headache: Grinding cardamom and putting it on the head leads to headache. Smelling of the powder also removes the headache.

  • Cough , asthma , hiccup: Cardamom food provides relief from diseases like cough, asthma, hiccup etc. Cough, asthma and weakness are removed from lactating cardamom, dates and grape honey.

  • Blood Pressure: Chest up to 2 cardamoms daily after leaving the empty stomach after it gets up in the morning, then drink milk or water from above. It provides benefits in the bloodstream.

  • Fever and chronic fever: Boil the cardamom, gram flour, milk and water simultaneously, and take it off after drinking the rest of the milk and drink it. It cures all types of fever and old fever.

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