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We are a Tamarind Manufacturer and bourgeois from Asian country of super delicious Tamarind that comes in varied tastes. we tend to are based in Mumbai, India. we provide assurance of a extremely glorious sort of Tamarind bought from well-known vendors within the market. Our experience within the field, we are able to meet the necessities of the growing market. we offer these merchandise of ours at market leading rates.

The ripe fruit of tamarind is used as a condiment. it is a moderate size to large, evergreen tree, up to twenty four mtr in high and 7 mtr in girth. Bark is brown or dark gray, lengthwise and horizontally fissured. Leaves are even-pinnate up one5|to fifteen} cm long, leaflets are 10-20 pairs, rectangular, 8-30 mm. Flowers are small, yellow with pink stripes, pods are 7.5-20 cm long, 2.5 cm broad, 1 cm thick, tons of or less constricted between seeds, slightly curved, chromatic coloured. Seeds are 3-12 oblong compressed, 1.5 cm, dark brown shining. stone is lightweight brownish, sweet or acidic, edible pulp, traversed by branched woody strands. The outer cowl of the pod is fragile and easily separable.

Tamarind pulp is used in numerous culinary preparations. It is also a raw material for the preparation of wine like beverages. The tamarind kernel powder is found to be extensively used for its sizing properties, in textile, confectionary, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The testa is used in dyeing and tanning industry. The tender leaves and flowers are used as vegetables. In medicine, it is used as appetizing, laxative, healing and anti-helmintic. It is also used against fluorosis.

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