Watermelon Seeds

We are one of the foremost reliable watermelon seeds suppliers that are wide much-admired by the purchasers. Our vary of Watermelon Seeds is extremely alimental and is assumed for its wealthy taste. Free from preservatives and contaminants, the Watermelon Seeds offered by us are high on demand within the market.

Besides, these seeds are often availed at the foremost competitive prices. Krishna Industries are well-reputed amidst the trustworthy Watermelon Seeds Suppliers as of India. numerous national likewise as international clients are inserting bulk orders for the Water Melon Seeds due to the unequalled quality and freshness. The Organic Watermelon Seeds are wide used for the garnishing of various workplace products. Additionally, the Watermelon Seed Kernels, each hulled & whole are packed into typical packs.

Product Name Water Melon seed kernels
Quality 99.95% pure, re-cleaned
Origin India
Storage conditions dry and cool, between 5 and 15 C
Intended use human consumption. product is destined as ingredient for the ue in foodstuffs for the bakery industry e.g.. ( it is adviable that product will be heated over 100 C prior to direct ue )
  • Stomach ( dysentery ) : The mixture of 6 to 12 grams of sesame and crude lime pulp benefits from day to day and evening.

  • Constipation : Grind about 6 grams of sesame, then mix it with sweet and it ends constipation by eating it. Constipation is removed by eating sesame seeds, rice and moong dal, and eating them.

  • Cough :Cough is cured by drinking 2 teaspoons of sugar in about 100 ml decoction of sesame seeds. Boil 4 spoons of sesame in 1 glass of water so that the water is half remaining. Drink it three times a day, it cures cold cough coming out of the cold.

  • acne : Grinding the bark of sesame seeds with vinegar, putting on the face, acne gets cured.

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