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Kokum is one of the lesser renowned spices of Asian country . it's solely found in western regions of India (Konkan, Malabar and geographical area regions) and is not okay known outside these regions. Like tamarind, Kokum is used as a spoilage agent and features a pointy , acidic flavor with a fruity aroma.

Kokum tree could also be a solitary, tropical tree and is troublesome to propagate. The tree is slender and its fruit looks like atiny low plum that becomes redness once ripe. The ripe fruits are harvested and preserved by drying within the Sun. Salt is rubbed onto the rind to hurry up the drying method and to preserve the sourish flavor.

Country of Origin India
Botanical Name Garcinia indica
Family Clusiaceae
Hindi Name Kokam
Part Used Peel of Fruit

Culinary Uses-Kokum has the same souring qualities as tamarind, especially enhancing coconut-based curries or vegetable dishes like potatoes, okra or lentils. Kokum is especially used with fish curries, three or four skins being enough to season an average dish. It is also included in chutneys and pickles. The skins are not usually chopped but are added whole to the dish. Seasoning should be checked as they are quite salty. Beware of biting on a stone as a few are often left in the skins.

Medicinal Uses- Owing to the cooling properties of kokum, oil of the fruit is used as emollient and antiseptic. It is helpful in healing allergies, rashes and skin ailments. Kokum butter is very soothing for burns, chaffed skin and scalds. Amrutkokum is a drink made of sugar syrup and kokum fruit to treat sunstroke. The young leaves and the bark are used as an astringent.

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